Apple RO water purifier has 10 Liters water storage capacity and 7 purification stages like-Pre PP Sediments, inline sediment, UV, nano silver carbon & Reverse Osmosis technology purification.
    Our Purified water or any mineral water has to be minimum PH of 7.4. Our body has to balance 7.4 PH in order to remain active but when we consume acidic foods like fast foods, spicy and oily foods.
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    Exclusive Hard Cover • Heavy Duty Double 0-Ring White Filter Housing • Low Pressure Control, Rejection Solenoid Valve With Inbuil Autoflushing • Five Stage Purification Systems.

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Thanks to APPLE RO Purifiers

Thanks to APPLE RO Purifiers happy with the product and service. I haven’t heard about this company but I have read all the past reviews of all ro purifiers and have decided to go for APPLE RO Purifiers.i have installed APPLE RO 750 LPH FULLY SS DELUXE, service and the product is excellent.service and the product is excellent..